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  1. Hi Prof. Balch, I understand this is not the appropriate channel to reach you but I hope you could answer me on a trivial question, that is, would you be offering the Machine Learning (for Trading) course in the near future (referring to the email sent not too long ago asking for responses)? If it’s going to be conducted, may I know when this course will be held? Thank you!


  2. Richard

    July 21, 2013

    Prof Balch, I am looking forward to joining your upcoming Coursera class. I can also see that you’re part of the team building the new upcoming OMS CS program. Many of the machine-learning modules for this CS program could also be utilised for a QCF (quantitative & computational finance) program aswell. Could your Coursera course form the basis of developing an online-Mooc QCF program? I know that there would be a large demand for a QCF program with the same business model as the OMS CS (i.e. Mooc partner, lower tuition, etc). What do you think?

  3. Good morning – looking forward to the Comp Invest 1 (Cousera) class. Quick question – on the Compinvesti-prog-quiz page you say we should encode 10 character words into number between 0 and 10**26. Should that be between 0 and (10**26 – 1)?



  4. winslor_tee

    September 19, 2013

    Good morning Prof Balch, I am interested with attending this course, but no python programming background. there is one other course on python programming, but focusing on application on game design. do you think doing that programming course will give me the necessary skills on taking up computational investing? Thank you if you can advise.

  5. Hello Prof,

    Glad i found your course in Coursera. As a beginner in quant, i believe the topic will give me a lot of insight. Unfortunately i missed the course, so i just visiting the review. Any plan to open new enrollment for Comp Invest I sometime this year ?

    Thanks and regards


  6. Dimitry

    May 4, 2015


    When do you plan to have this course available on Udacity?



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