About the Augmented Trader


This is a blog about augmenting investors with computational tools. We’re interested in how information influences equity prices, and how we can capitalize on that information to make money.   Posts here are generally of three kinds: 1) Market opportunities, observations, and information 2) Automated computations for finding and taking advantage of the information, and 3) Technology for a quant shop.

There are also the occasional posts about other sorts of investment opportunities as well, and sometimes unrelated topics our authors find interesting. From time to time a political event will influence the market.  We will comment on those events, but I do not intend to take a political position.

Tucker Balch

Tucker Balch & Maria Hybinette

Tucker Balch & Maria Hybinette

Tucker is a professor at Georgia Tech.  I’m a member of the School of Interactive Computing where he teaches courses on robotics and machine learning in finance.  He is also the CTO of Lucena Research LLC.

Jordan Katz

Jordan is an undergraduate at the University of Michigan, and an intern at Lucena Research.

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  1. I have listed your Blog at Traders Place and will also list Lucena Research. My partner and I are hedge fund managers Traders and TP is followed by some major hedge funds. It is a site dedicated to professional research.

    Please reciprocate if you feel able. Regards Anthony Garner

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