Review: Weber Performer Gold Charcoal Grill

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I upgrade from my “mini” grill to a serious charcoal appliance. $299 at Home Depot

My little grill was getting long in the tooth


The Weber Performer Gold Charcoal Grill.

This was the top rated grill in Cooks Illustrated, and I was in need of an upgrade — I mainly wanted more available area for cooking. I could have gotten the┬ásimpler 3 legged version of the Weber, but I liked the idea that this one has a built in table surface too.

As I cooked with it I began to realize that it was thoughtfully designed for a charcoal grilling workflow. For instance, when I lit the coals, I had to put the grate somewhere, and there’s a sturdy hanger for that. This grill feels “designed” and it is designed well.

Features I like

There are many other thoughtful features, (and 1 gimmick):

  • slide-in top cover holder
  • big plastic bin for holding dry charcoal
  • hinged grate to allow adding coal without taking the grate off
  • robust ash removal mechanism and capture bin
  • metal coal “baskets” to hold coal to the side for indirect cooking

The gimmick: A cheap digital timer.

Assembly and craftsmanship

This thing was easy to build, and the parts fit together well. It took me about an hour. Once built, it is very solid, not wobbly at all.

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