$10mm Trading Competition

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Here’s an interesting new approach to trading talent discovery: Offer investment capital to top portfolio managers.

This is the second competition I’ve seen like this. It provides a nice opportunity for folks without a track record to be “discovered.”

Battle-Fin is launching its 3rd tournament connecting investment capital with quantitative trading strategies with $10mm in allocations. Tournaments are run each quarter. Contestants will receive free trials of Infinity App and Luncena Research’s QuantDesk investment decision support software during the tournament.

Battle-Fin uses cutting edge real-time, real-capital tournaments to democratically identify tomorrow’s best trading strategies across asset classes.

The idea is to harness the power of the internet and crowd sourcing to identify trading strategies.

If you are a quantitative trader with a successful investment strategy, register for our next tournament by January 21, 2013. There is no cost to enter and we do not ask to own trader IP.


You can also contact Battle Fin at (212) 201-5376 or info@battle-fin.com

Business Week recently wrote a feature article on Battle-Fin highlighting the 4 winners that are currently trading their allocations on the platform.

Click: http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2012-12-20/the-hedge-fund-hunger-games

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My company, Lucena Research, is partnering with Battle-Fin.