What really happened: If, instead we use the members of the S&P 500 starting in 2008, we find that more than 10% of the listed companies failed. April 27, 2015
course-image April 27, 2015
TIAA-CREF January 10, 2015
sec-building-2012-02-22 December 18, 2014

Disease Risk Visualization: A Grid-based Simulation

November 2, 2014


How worried should we be about Ebola in the US?  In order to answer that question for myself, I created a simple simulation that can be used to visualize the spread and mortality of various diseases.

How to tell if your Unix machine is vulnerable to the bash security flaw

September 26, 2014


A simple command you can execute to check your machine.

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BlackDog: A Dynamic Stock/Bond Allocation Strategy

September 12, 2014


It is well known that portfolios that blend stocks and bonds perform well because their major asset classes are anti-correlated.  There are a few major weaknesses in the way these portfolios are typically managed however.  Namely that the ratio of stocks to bonds is usually fixed, and also that they don’t always use the best representatives […]


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